Scripps Polar Center researchers study a broad range of processes... the Arctic and Southern Oceans. High latitude oceans play key roles in the global climate system. Surface temperatures are warming more rapidly in the Arctic Ocean than anywhere else on the planet.  Heat content of the top 1000 m is increasing more rapidly in the Southern Ocean than in the rest of the planet. The Southern Ocean has also been identified as a key region for ocean uptake of carbon dioxide.  Research at Scripps aims to understand how high latitude oceans are changing, the mechanisms driving these changes, and the impact of high latitude ocean changes on the rest of the planet. Researchers at Scripps are active in the Argo float program and in the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling (SOCCOM) project, which is deploying biogeochemical Argo floats throughout the Southern Ocean.  

Faculty and Researchers

Matthew Alford

Teresa Chereskin

Bruce Cornuelle

Sarah Gille

Ian Eisenman

Jennifer MacKinnon

Matthew Mazloff

Julie McClean

Janet Sprintall

Lynne Talley

Project Scientists

Ivana Cerovecki

Isabella Rosso

Nathalie Zilberman


Natalie Freeman


Paul Chamberlain

Manuel Gutierrez-Villanueva

Momme Hell

Theresa Morrison

André Palóczy

Channing Prend