Polar Town Halls 

Annual meetings and research updates with the Scripps Polar community

The Polar Center hosts town halls to discuss ongoing projects and community initiatives among the many disciplines of polar research here at Scripps! Our first two town halls were held in 2019 and 2021, and going forward we are planning to host more frequent meetings to enhance our collaboration across this excellent community. This page serves as an archive for our meetings and a resource for any interested in polar science at Scripps. 

Would you like to attend the town halls live? Sign up for the Polar listserv and stay tuned for announcements!

WINTER 2021 


Event #1: Research lightning talks 

Our first event featured a series of 4.5 minute lightning talks from students and researchers here at Scripps. These talks highlight the impressive variety of polar research at Scripps and the excellent contributions from our student body. 

Event #2: Fostering more equitable polar science

For our second town hall event, we hosted a discussion on equity, diversity, and inclusion in polar science – both ongoing challenges and strategies to improve. Following presentations from our students, we held a forum for community feedback and recommendations on creating safe spaces for polar scientists at Scripps and in the field. 

Event #3: Looking Ahead

For our third and final town hall event, we synthesized previous discussions and  made plans for future work and collaboration inside and outside the Scripps community.