Mission Statement

The Scripps Polar Center brings together scientists from the three research sections of Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego who investigate everything from ocean physics to the ecology of polar organisms. We aim to address the complex questions of today’s polar regions and to train a new generation of scientists capable of interdisciplinary research.

Research at the Polar Center

Featured News

Scripps News (March 2nd 2021)

A new study from lead author Susheel Adusumilli has identified atmospheric rivers, the phenomenon of high-altitude concentrations of water in the atmosphere, as a main source of snowfall on the West Antarctic ice sheet. The project makes use of data from the ICESat-2 satellite which provides measurements of snowpack by observing precise changes in elevation along the surface of the ice sheet.

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Education and Activities


In addition to a Geophysics graduate program, Scripps Polar Center professors offer several undergraduate and graduate-level courses in glaciology. Syllabi and information for current students can be accessed here. 

Polar Seminars

Once a week, we host talks with glaciologists across the field, discussing their newest research and engaging with our academic community.

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